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Cashmere Wrappings

Cross Stitch on Fine Merino

$ 95.00

The grand scale of this cross stitch pattern in modern colors celebrates yesteryear when time was taken for textile arts thoughtfully hand stitched.  Generously oversized in a 48 X 48 inch square of Fine Merino Wool it drapes beautifully and offers endless styling options. Highlight the four sides with hand knotted fringe adding a bohemian feeling to any outfit or a simple sweater with denim. 

Like the colors in embroidery pieces our Cross Stitch piece includes a number of colors for ease of mixing and matching in your wardrobe providing endless wearable options in each colorway. 

Topping the list of my favorite stitching projects will always be cross stitch.  Seems I make less mistakes with this simple stitch, counting threads and the ease of diagonal stitches in pairs.  Yet long before I begin the stitching process I love the thread selection process.  With embroidery threads the options are endless. 

Every one has a story.

Dimensions: 48" x 48"

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