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About Us

Luxurious, natural, feminine fibers. Rich, vibrant colors. Uniquely-inspired graphic prints. When you see a scarf by Cashmere Wrappings, it’s hard to mistake it for anything else. Born from owner Betsy Balch’s love of fine textiles, intriguing destinations and all things vintage, each design has a unique story, just like the women who wear them. And each piece takes you to a place that is uniquely yours – a crisp autumn day, a night cozied up by the fireplace, that day at the Eiffel Tower. Whether our scarves travel with you to an exotic destination, or simply journey with you across town, Cashmere Wrappings provides a distinct statement piece, wherever you may go.

Fifteen years ago, Betsy never imagined that her love of luxurious fabrics in wraps & scarves would eventually lead her into a business designing scarves featuring a collection of more than 70 different colorways and patterns. Solid colors quickly gave way to brilliant designs inspired by the works of great masters like Henri Matisse, or iconic symbols from an everyday commute on a London bus.

Betsy combines a modern, sophisticated design aesthetic with an unwavering commitment to quality. Cashmere Wrappings only uses the finest natural silks, wools and cashmere. Every scarf is hand-crafted in Nepal, a country with a rich history and tradition of producing scarves and blankets. Produced in small batches, no two scarves are exactly alike.

Discover the piece that will accompany you on your journey, and wrap yourself in style and comfort that is uniquely you.